Would You Say No To All You Can Eat Ice-Cream For Free?

That's what happened at Kundang Estates' Ice Cream Soiree.

Yes, we thought so. As event organizers, we too wouldn’t say no to an opportunity to organize such a joyful event!

Rising to the challenge
Given the climate of Malaysia, It’s really not that hard to pull a crowd to an unlimited all ice-cream event that is free of charge. But to pull it off successfully within a 2-week notice - is definitely not an easy feat.

There’s always different forms of challenges when it comes to organizing events for our clients. The usual would be conceptualizing unconventional yet fun and appealing themes, budget limitations, and of course, time constraints.

Despite only giving us a short time frame, we were still able to see the whole event through and through - from ideation and planning, all the way to execution.

It also helps to be put under pressure frequently as it helps us to grow and improve ourselves. And this time, we certainly did with with Kundang Estates Ice-Cream Soiree.

Happy ending
During the event, visitors were definitely in for a treat as they got to taste premium gelatos, nostalgic potong ice-creams, liquid nitrogen ice-creams and also turkish ice-creams of multiple colors and flavours.

As we believe that ice-cream brings happiness, we’re glad that our hard work were able to bring joy to the visitors. It was also a great experience when it comes to coordinating with vendors to make the event a success.

Last but not least, we are grateful for the client’s belief in our capabilities!

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