3 simple rules that will make your content go viral

Viral content can make a business or page soar tremendously by increasing viewers and followers overnight, but only a few could achieve this desirable outcome.

Recently, we were able to achieve viral status with a content created for Glamornyo’s Facebook page which reached more than 1 million Facebook users and shared more than 16 thousand times.

In fact, these numbers way surpass the average viewerships and engagements of the nation’s top social media sites.

How did we do it? Just buckle up and follow these simple rules:


Content is everything
When creating content, always think about your audience - as in what makes them interested, laugh, cry, and all other emotions that come to your mind.

By making them relate to what you’re saying, the chances of them sharing it to their friends and getting more exposure is bigger.

Make it presentable
The social media audience love beautiful images and interesting videos. So, make sure your content is beautifully put together and easy to understand. This can be done with cool designs and video editing.

Hit your mark
You’ve got your bullets, now it’s time to make sure they hit the target. Always remember to bring an intended content to the right crowd.

For instance, you wouldn’t sell milk to those who are lactose intolerant. The idea is really that simple!


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