Durians? In Chocolates? You're Kidding!

Even ginger, curry and tongkat ali too!

Nope… we are most definitely not! Harriston, a local award winning chocolatier sells their very own durian chocolates and that is only the tip of iceberg. Scroll down to dive in this sweet Malaysian story!

Types of Chocolates
So... you know about the durian chocolate. Thing is, they have so many other unique and tasty creations too! For instance, they have the chili chocolate, curry chocolate, ginger chocolate, tongkat ali chocolate and so much more. We would be running out of space to type if we were to list down all the chocolates they have. Why? Well, that’s because this local chocolatier has more than 150 variants of chocolates (insert shocked face) and you can have your pick at any of their stores nationwide!


First in Southeast Asia
We’ve been munching on the same types of chocolates for the past few decades. Its either white chocolate, dark chocolate or milk chocolate. But have you heard of the ruby chocolate? Harriston has worked together with Barry Callebaut, a world renowned chocolate manufacturer to introduce the 4th type of chocolate to fellow Southeast Asians! It looks luxuriously pink and has a berry blasting taste fit for the most discerning taste buds. So if you see any pink chocolates around, remember, Harriston brought it here first! (insert tongue emoji)


Chocolate DIY Workshops
We’re always on the lookout for more fun things to participate in. Be it a hike, visiting an art gallery or just having a meal, the most important thing when it comes to these activities is that we’re together with our loved ones. Harriston understands that! Which is why they conduct Chocolate DIY Workshops at all of their outlets nationwide to spread more awareness of the process behind chocolate making and at the same time, enjoy their delicious creations.