Ever Heard of New York's Central Park? Malaysia Has One Too!

Located in Kuala Lumpur's one and only urban forest city, the Pantai Sentral Park (PSP)

Integrated Development doesn’t just sound like the iconic Central Park in New York, but is inspired by it too!

But what does this mean for the residents who live here? Read up:

1. Just like the movies
As one of the most anticipated property to look out for, the PSP Development is set against the breathtaking backdrop of the 200-acre forest in Bukit Kerinchi.

To paint you a somewhat clearer picture, try recalling the western movies you’ve watched that have featured the vast and breathtaking Central Park in Manhattan. Imagine the beautiful green setting of a film where you have Central Park in place. Nice and refreshing, right? Well, we Malaysians are about to experience the same thing with this development!

Though not as grand of course, living here would provide you with an unlimited source of scenic views that will fuel your social media posts! Please prepare some additional storage in your phones just in case.

Most importantly, this also means that PSP offers the seamless integration of both worlds - the best of metropolitan life with all the benefits of nature.