Inseparable - Green Spaces and Happiness

Seremban 2 wants you to live an abundant life

Did you know that more time spent outdoors can benefit our well-being and happiness? Scientists have proved the correlation between nature and the positive effects of stress relief, increase in social interaction and encourage healthy lifestyle, among others. 

Apart from the size, it is also widely known that the quality of the green space is equally important in bringing happiness.

What they have is space

Built within a freehold land of 1537 hectares (2827 football fields), size is something Seremban 2 has an abundance of. With a vast land area filled with vibrancy of life, bustling enterprise and a thriving community, Seremban 2 is home to more than 62,000 people. 

An aerial view of part of the 1537-hectare freehold land of Seremban 2 township by IJM Land.

Within its vast space, the township has found the perfect balance between development and nature which is one prime pulling factor for current modern homebuyers. 

In its city planning, Seremban 2’s strategic implementation leverages on space and incorporation of its vast green areas spread across the township.

It is after all inspired by the Green Street in Canberra, Australia, which is a warm, family-oriented thoroughfare encircled by nature. 

In contrast, Seremban 2 is a self-contained ecosystem offering a wholesome living experience with complete community friendly amenities and facilities within a safe and serene environment. 

Lifestyle-stimulating amenities