Local Startup Scene at its Peak

What a time for entrepreneurs and investors right now

If you’re thinking of quitting your corporate job to build the startup you’ve always dreamed of, there’s no better time for it.

How do we know? Well, we had the chance to speak to Razif Abdul Aziz, the Acting Group CEO of Cradle Fund, Malaysia’s leading early stage startups influencer that provides support to potential startups through training, funds and networking platforms. Since its inception 16 years ago, Cradle has empowered more than 900 local startups!

View the video interview right here:

On par with global startup ecosystems

According to Razif, the local startup scene isn’t far behind as it has a lot of key attributes that make a strong and vibrant startup ecosystem. In fact, we’re currently at the peak, and is even comparable to global centres for startups like Silicon Valley.

“I think it’s a good time for investors to come in. And if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, it’s also a great time to make that jump because the support that’s available right now is phenomenal,” he said.


What you need to know before getting started

This goes without saying, but knowing your market and target audience is key to starting a business. Secondly, your business needs to have unique and competitive advantages that are can’t be found elsewhere.

Most importantly, the products and services that you provide to the market meet both the needs and wants of the people that you’re talking to.


Why you need to brand yourself

Branding speaks directly to the people and it needs to be developed over time because it doesn’t happen immediately. Just like a relationship, one needs time to build trust and confidence, and these are what branding achieves.

Other intangibles that come with personal branding include dignity, reliability and quality. As you build your brand, you will be associated with the attributes that you are trying to convey.


Really think about it

Being an entrepreneur and building your startup from scratch is no easy feat. It takes a toll on your finances, health and also social life. So think long and hard if you are willing to make these sacrifices.

But as far as we know, if your idea is worth sharing with the world, the risk is always worth taking. In fact, our startup ecosystem is drained of ideas to tackle real world issues such as traffic congestion, pollution and healthcare with special emphasis on biotechnology and sustainable living.

Have a great startup idea? Head on to and take it to the next level.



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