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5 Things You Should Know About Toyosu Market in Japan

A dive into one of the largest seafood markets in the world

When it was time for Tsukiji to close its doors and start anew in Toyosu, mixed reactions filled the air, particularly by the businesses that had no choice but to relocate to a new building located two kilometres away. After all, the legendary Tsukiji Market is an irreplaceable icon of Japanese seafood.

In October 2018, the transition was finally complete. At 40 hectares, which is 1.7 times larger than the old market, Toyosu greeted its visitors and wholesalers with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. Part of the reason for the transition was to solve the issues of disorderliness and inefficiency in the previous building.

Now that the brand new building is up and running, here are some things you should know in case you’re planning for a visit.


1. Toyosu’s main attraction is the tuna auction

The tuna auctions isn’t anything new for Toyosu. In fact, it had been around since the early days of Tsukiji more than 80 years ago.

To compete with other buyers in a bid to get the best quality catch within their financial means, buyers have to make their way to the market as early as 4.30 am.

As the tunas are all laid out in uniform rows, a ring of the bell signals the start of the bidding process that usually lasts for 1 hour.