Living in the Moment

Daniel inspires modern men to look good, feel great and live life to the fullest.

While many men struggle with finding their own inspirations for living a fashionable and fit life, Daniel of The Modern Man blog has found the perfect formula of being a modern man – dress simply but with style, keep fit and always be yourself.

With 2 million followers on his Instagram account @magic_fox, the blogger, social media influencer and lifestyle guru, has been inspiring men from all around the world with his views of fashion, fitness and lifestyle. From basic looks to fitness routines, we find out more about the ultimate modern man.

Tell us about the blog. What inspired you to start it? How often do you blog?

The Modern Man is a lifestyle blog for men. I started the blog together with my two best friends Kosta (@kosta_williams) & Sandro (@sandro). I write about topics such as men’s fashion, fitness and other lifestyle topics such as tech and about the events we attend. We started The Modern Man in the beginning of 2016 and we try to upload two blog posts a week. However, sometimes this is difficult because we travel a lot.

Who does your amazing photography?  Can you tell us the process of how the photos and videos come about?

We take all our photos by ourselves. In the past few years, we’ve gotten very experienced in taking photos and have also gained a lot of knowledge in getting the best photos.  We shoot all our photos with DSLR cameras. Quality photographs are very important for a good Instagram profile and blog.