More Than Just Pretty Clothes

Song of Style founder and fashion blogger Aimee Song on her success: It’s constant work

When Aimee Song started her fashion and lifestyle blog Song of Style in 2008, she had no idea about the exciting journey she would embark on. Within a few years, the social entrepreneur has gained international fame and recognition, and with 5.4 million followers on Instagram she has become one of the top influencers of her generation.

Now a full-time blogger and interior designer, Aimee is in the lucky position to travel to the world’s most extraordinary places, visit the most prestigious fashion shows in New York and Paris, and share her story with millions of fans from all around the world. I had the opportunity to interview the successful businesswoman and ask her about her personal views about the fashion world, her experiences as an entrepreneur and her beauty tips to always strike a scene wherever you go.


You travel all around the world in the name of fashion and attend prestigious events like the fashion weeks in New York and Paris. How does a typical working day for you look like during these events?

It depends which Fashion Week I’m at because some are busier than others. New York is the most hectic, and a typical day means waking up really early to get ready and eat breakfast before heading to the shows. Sometimes I won’t get to go back to the hotel until late at night so I have to plan ahead and change my outfits in the car! Then once the day is done, I focus on creating content for the blog and my other channels.


What are the differences between US and Europe fashion weeks when it comes to the atmosphere and runway styles?

I just attended my first Couture Week in Paris this year and it was definitely a different experience than New York or even Pret à Porter in Paris. The shows were smaller and a little more intimate and obviously the clothing was much different since it was Haute Couture. I really liked it a lot.