On Success, Social Media, and White Socks with Gianluca Vacchi

A Casual chat with the Italian Millionaire Playboy

What do you get when you combine an undying thirst for life and a lifestyle so luxurious it’ll make your jaw hang? Two words—Gianluca Vacchi.

With more than 14 million followers on his Instagram account, he’s a living example of the popular acronym YOLO (You only live once) as he shows, and I mean really shows people how life is meant to be lived.

Being a fan of this Italian business mogul slash millionaire myself, it goes without saying that I too am one of the million awe-struck individuals who perk up at the sight of him on social media. I think that most would agree that his grandiose ravishment for life is truly refreshing.

I figured it was about time I picked his brain; I was curious about his unquenchable zest for life. It’s not often you see a 50-year-old who’s got young people around the world going “I want to be this guy”. And so, an interview between the two of us was arranged!

What does personal branding mean to you?Be coherent and communicate who you really are. Visualisation is a powerful tool. We live in an era where platforms of entertainment have changed and to get with the times, one has to be on board with how fast we’re moving technologically.

How would you define success?
Success for me is all about reaching a wider audience, which I am doing now. Nothing much has changed between then and now, except now I have a platform to share what I do with the rest of the world. My philosophies haven’t changed too and I’ve always had a quality life.

I like being available to others—no filters or masks, just be who I am. There is also a sense of responsibility because millions watch me with the desire to be inspired.

Biggest obstacles faced?
Too many to even bring to mind! Especially as an entrepreneur. I overcame them with resiliency. I count on myself.

Tell me about your health and fitness regime.
I train every day as it brings me great peace. It takes plenty of discipline. Music is a big part of my life and I tie it to everything that I do. Aside from that, I read and I enjoy catching information. It’s about letting your talents run free.

Meal-wise, I believe in balance. I don’t like overdoing things.