Xceptional Services

Bringing out the X-Factor in your brand is what we, the Division X, do best. And with a pool of expertise in broadcast, journalism, advertising, print editorial, and public relations, we tailor our experience to your company’s story to ignite a firework of PR success.

PR campaign

When it comes to your campaign, we don’t think straight. Instead, we brainstorm for Xciting projects that will get the media buzzing for more.

Startup services

Startups that are younger than 3 years old, let us join forces and let the big shots know who to look out for.

Brand repositioning

Think your brand is sending the wrong message to the crowd? Let us put you in the right spotlight and be who you want to be.

Press releases

Tell us what you want to say, and we’ll make a symphony out of it. Because being the experts in this field, we know just the kind of stories the media wants to see.

Events management

Who run the Events? Division X! We keep the media and guests satisfied and happy, professionally.

Media monitoring

We are extremists when it comes to coverage, religiously browsing for news updates just for our clients.

Media relations

We treat our media friends like family, so they can’t resist doing favors for us. *Wink*

Social media management

Sit back and enjoy getting those likes and followers you’ve always wanted while we churn out Xhilirating content and online campaigns.


What your brand needs is to rise above the mundane and overused marketing lines, and get the word out with copies that are catchy, punny and effective!

Corporate coaching

Learn with the best by joining our Workshops on personal branding, networking and career growth.

KOL endorsement

Trust on us to get the ideal key influencer to get your brand going. <

Targeted interviews

We ask questions that matter to corroborate a story angle that inspires.

Reputation management

One bad move and your reputation goes down the drain. We’re not gonna let that happen.