Xavier Mah Consultancy

When brands see a missing bridge between them and their consumers, Xavier Mah Consultancy swoops in and fills the gap with expertise tailored around “Stories Worth Telling” mantra which brings a brand’s story above the crowd, making them matter and heard.

Essentially a digital PR, branding and experiential event management agency based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia since 2011, we leverage on our clients’ USPs and suggest fully personalised services, constantly offering beyond what a company wants and providing what is truly needed.

As professional marketers and storytellers, our goal is to help you reach out and convey your message effectively, to the right people and at the right time. We use our tried-and-trusted method of AID-ing you to:

(A) nalyse your company’s resources and competitors

(I) dentify your brand’s USPs, core strengths and target audience

(D) etermine the best channels to market and sell your brand and vision

With our influence and anchor within the industry, we endeavor to assimilate awareness and accurate messaging with out-of-the-box ideas and 360° solutions while also catering to the burgeoning legion of young and savvy digital audiences. 

As exemplified by our motto “Stories Worth Telling”, we have solidified a reputation in storytelling, planning, implementing and rolling out campaigns and events with customised full-service public relations packages in the corporate, property, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle segments. Coupled with our expertise in big data analysis, our clients have also reaped the benefits and longevity of exposure on all media platforms.

With the rise of independent business and entrepreneurs
we are also looking to reach out to startups in an effort to help them grow and spread their visionary ideals for a better future.
We’re fortunate to work with fantastic clients
Rimbun Alam
Bari Uma
Cell Safe International
Beauty Gene
Blanc Eyelash Salon
Caffe Creama
IJM Land
Kodawari Menya
Q and M
Red Army Watches
Seven Friday
Gamuda Land
76 Style
Chilla Cup
Swiss Image - Switzerland
IJM Land Rimbayu
Nex Platform
Health Metrics
Future Lab