Discover A New World Of Chocolates

Award-winning Malaysian chocolatier introduces new innovative chocolates

There is a saying that goes, "Chocolate is the key to happiness."

All about chocolates

As one of the leading chocolatiers in South East Asia, Harriston Chocolate serves over 8 million chocolate lovers worldwide with their ever-expanding list of 150 chocolate variants.

Keeping up to their reputation, Harriston constantly strives to be the first when it comes to introducing new and exciting chocolate products in the market.

Latest discovery

As the newly-discovered fourth type of chocolate, the ruby chocolate, launched in collaboration with Barry Callebaut, had become the first in South East Asia to market this new product to its customers.

As the PR and events management for Harriston, we were more than delighted to be able to help spread the word on this new discovery that is going to be a massive game changer.

Knowing that this product is going to go big in no time, we had to tap into the relevant media, influencers and celebrities including model, host and actor Thanuja Ananthan, actress Yasmin Hani, social media influencer Patricia K, emcee and actress Julie Woon and famous radio announcer Mei Yan.

“When we heard about the discovery of ruby chocolate, we knew this was an opportunity not to be missed,” said Queenie Teng, Executive Director of Harriston Chocolate.

We were really satisfied with the outcome of the classy event, which was held at Banyan Tree Kuala Lumpur, which successfully introduced all four different types of chocolate while also showcasing Harriston’s innovative and creative take on their chocolates.



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