Not Your Typical CEO

While the typical stereotypes that surround CEOs are egocentric, unapproachable, snooty, and the list just goes on and on… Andreas Vogiatzakis, Group CEO of The Star Media Group, is nothing but a humble and pleasant individual who is always wearing a smile on his face.


Here are a few things we have learned from him: 


1. Always engage with PDA

No, it is not about Public Displays of Affection. To succeed in life, we have to always do things with P (passion), D (discipline) and A (action) instead of doing things superficially. Also, when we find things that are meaningful to us and be self-aware, we will one day be able to find our purpose in life.


2. People > Product > Profit

The 3Ps should ALWAYS go in that order, and we should never forget that. We live in a world that emphasises on the end result or profit and that nothing else doesn’t really matter. We should always remember that at the end of the day, it is the people who are going to make a real difference.


3. Empathy is one of the most important qualities we should have

There are many qualities that a good leader should possess, but empathy is one of the most important ones. To be able to listen to the other’s point of view and understand where they are coming from, only then can we make a better judgement and decision for the common good.


Can I advise you something??

Watch the interview now and be prepared to be inspired like never before!

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