When Medias Can’t Resist

Ways to compel coverage for your business

There’s plenty of businesses out there with their own distinctive selling points and attractive marketing strategies. This makes it challenging to stand out to publications, especially when you’re not their avid advertiser or a client.

Being in this business for close to a decade, we know that very well that one does not need to invest money to secure media coverage for your events, products, services and everything in between. But that means you have to do more work. Though, if you follow these guidelines, there’s really not much hassle to it.

1. Stop Hard Selling

Hard selling is bad business. No editor likes you hard selling your story to them. 


2. Proper Subject and Email Pitch

Editors receive tons of emails a day. Make sure you have an interesting subject line and an outstanding email body! Attach your press release together with your pitch. A good press release makes a good impression on your company. 


3. Is Your Story Newsworthy?

Journalists are only interested in companies or leaders that have genuine and interesting stories to tell. Make sure you have a strong news angle that isn’t obsessed with selling your product/service. They need to know what’s unique about your brand. If you can’t check these boxes, I’m afraid advertising is your only option.


4. Media Contacts

Don’t have any media contacts? Make calls to media houses and find out who the editors in charge are. You may also consider hiring a PR agency to manage and facilitate your marketing communications.


5. Get Personal

Personalise your emails and try to develop a good relationship with each journalist. Let’s face it - no one enjoys receiving mass emails. Address the journalist appropriately and follow-up after.


6. It's Worth the Price

Be generous with journalists and make sure everything at your event is well taken care of. I’m not saying you should spend luxuriously, but if you’re not willing to invest, good luck getting your guests to support your future endeavors.

It's extremely important for you as a business owner to understand ways to deal with the media publications. The trick is to not coerce them, but to tempt them over with reasons they can’t resist.

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