Say “Yes” to Meditation in Your Workplace

Grant 15 minutes off to your employees for an amazing return from that invested time.

Are you a cheerful considerate boss or are you like Gordon Ramsey? Whether your employees are working in Hell’s Kitchen, or a peaceful corporate environment, employees are usually fighting incredible amounts of stress due to work pressures and deadlines.

Encouraging your employees to practice meditation for about 15-20 minutes a day may result in beneficial health qualities to them. It could help them become both physically and mentally adaptive to any obstacle that may occur at work or in their personal lives.

Meditation is a mind-body activity that has been used for decades to encourage calmness, enhance bodily equilibrium and improve mental wellbeing. That is why so many businesses are beginning to provide their employees a meditation programme.

Here’s why incorporating meditation into a company’s workplace may be a good idea!

Benefits of meditation on both the employee and the company

1.Reduces stress and strengthens immune systems

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Did you know that stress contributes to countless health risks? It is a well-known fact that offices stressfully impact most of their employees. Due to this stress, your employees will cease to be effective and start to show less interest in their work.

However, with the help of meditation, stress can be easily reduced in the workplace. A 15-minute meditation break will allow staff to clear their heads and become more relaxed.

According to research, stated in the article through MindBodyGreen, daily meditation can potentially serve to improve one's immune system. Meditation boosts neuronal activity on the left side of the brain, allowing the immune system to function more successfully and create more protective cells.

Now you know what to do to attain a healthier workforce in your company!

2. Mindfulness increases resilience

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The aim of mindfulness is not to avoid thinking, but rather is about paying proper attention to the physical sensations, perceptions and impulses in order to perceive things more clearly, without forming too many conclusions or overthinking.

Employees achieving mindfulness through meditation will help build resilience. Resilience is what will allow them to deal well with life's unavoidable circumstances and tragedies, to respond to life's stressors with efficient and successful responses. Organising an on-site meditation service will help create a greater resilient workforce.

However, if you are still unconvinced about resilience, here is an article to ...well… change your mind!

3. Strengthen work relationships

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We do not mean that now you have to start treating your work force like family or invade work boundaries, but we are telling you to come together as a team!

By motivating your employees to meditate in the office together as a group, you will encourage team bonding and workplace unity. Taking part in the meditation session together will create a sense of solidarity among the workers and helps them establish positive working relationships.

In addition, changes in working relationships can lead to improved collaboration, connectivity and efficiency.

4. Greater focus and productivity

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We are often told to ignore the noise and focus on our work, but what if the real noise is in our heads, and our minds are captivated by that disruption?

Meditation is utilised to enhance our ability to retain focus and to reduce external and internal disturbances. Researchers from the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health also found that a mediation programme contributes to improvements in brain regions, affecting thought and working memory capacity. That is why, if you optimise the maximum benefits of meditation at your workplace, the more focused your employees will be, and the more productive they will be.

It might seem tedious to provide a meditation programme at first, but the benefits that it offers are numerous. Offering a meditation programme during this MCO lockdown is perfect, as many will be struggling with worry and stress.

Here are some apps you can download which can guide you in your meditation journey:

The Mindfulness App, Calm, Headspace and the Insight Timer, try this link to find out more.

What do you think about incorporating meditation in your workplace? Would you consider it? Let us know at!



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