The Most Important Ingredient In Chocolates

And its cures almost everything

Although there really isn’t any good evidence that cancer patients that have a positive attitude will live a longer life, there’s no harm at finding the glass half full, rather than half empty, right? After all, cancer is one mean disease and anyone facing it should deserve as much happiness as possible.

And what better way to spread cheer and happiness through chocolates?

Harriston Chocolate strongly believes in the magical powers of chocolate being able to make the world a happier place. As breast cancer is affecting more than ONE MILLION women worldwide and is the second leading cause of cancer among women (according to Breast Cancer Foundation Malaysia), Harriston Chocolate wants to spread this much needed awareness of breast cancer to the society, and most importantly, bring joy to breast cancer patients and survivors this Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

In collaboration with Breast Cancer Foundation Malaysia, Harriston Chocolate hosted the ‘Chocolate DIY To Sweeten Your Pinktober’ event where breast cancer patients and survivors as well as a few media houses were invited to a fun-filled afternoon of DIY chocolate making. On top of that, everyone was left touched and inspired by 2 brave cancer survivors who shared their recovery stories. At the end of the day, it was heartwarming to see everyone leaving with a box of self-made chocolates and a smile on the face.

One thing’s for sure, there is so much more to chocolates than being just a sweet treat or a food product. It is made of cocoa, butter, sugar, milk powder and a whole lot of happiness!

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