The Best Of Japan’s Seafood At Your Doorstep

If eyes are the windows to the soul, then our tummy is the doorway to the soul of Toyosu.

What, and where is this Toyosu?

At 4.4 million square feet, Toyosu Market is the largest wholesale fish and seafood hub in the world located on the Bay of Tokyo. It is most famous for the early morning tuna auctions as well as sushi delicacies in a handful of sushi bars and restaurants.

Of course, you might be thinking that you have to travel more than 3000 miles to get there...

Thanks to local distributor Sendo Ichi Seafood (M) which distributes and ensures a consistent supply of the best quality and a variety of fresh Japanese seafood from Toyosu to the local market, Malaysians can satiate their endless appetite for unique and sumptuous culinary experience.

In celebrating the best that Toyosu has to offer, we coordinated an appreciation dinner that highlighted an exquisite Omakase dining experience featuring premium and authentic ingredients from Japan.

The wonderful event was organized by Sendo Ichi Seafood (M) in partnership with  Dai Ichi Suisan Co., and Ocean Trading Co Ltd which are based in Toyosu.

Further making the event a memorable one, the dinner programme was prepared by Chef Makoto Saito Sam and his team from the renowned Sushi Hibiki restaurant, while the unforgettable desserts were crafted by pastry Chef Shigeru.

Here are some of the mouthwatering dishes during the momentous night!



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