A Culture Of Togetherness

The art of celebrating Mid Autumn

Our client, Kundang Estates, has always been generous when it comes to organizing events that promote family values and togetherness. And we are always glad to help them bring their vision to life!

We were given the task to organize the the cultural celebration of Mid Autumn Festival for Kundang Estates and we saw it as an opportunity to bring traditional and modern art into one space for families and friends to enjoy.

Reinventing traditions
By bringing together the Chinese legend of the moon with modern and traditional art, we aimed to make the event a fun-filled celebration full of activities that were suitable for visitors of all ages. It was a success as we realized that visitors really appreciated the combination. 

Instead of having just food, we set-up numerous activities for everyone to participate in and further elevate their cultural experience.

With a few invited artists showcasing their craftsmanship, it proved a great opportunity for the public to witness the effort and creativity involved in producing art.

Playing our part
If we’re not going to play a part in preserving art, who will? Organizing this event was truly a pleasure, and seeing all the happy faces makes it even more memorable.

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