A BIG Fashion Show

Jazz & Co debuts latest plus size collection

To showcase their latest plus size collection, we assisted Jazz & Co to oversee the media invitations, coordination and information dissemination.

Another significant event for Xavier Mah Consultancy, ‘A Big Event’ exclusive media preview has taught us a couple of new things.

The plus size market
Surprisingly, there is still a lack in choices when it comes to plus size clothing in Malaysia, which is highly dominated by mainstream fast fashion brands like Uniqlo, Muji and H&M - all of which are known for their regular sized clothes.

“Back in the day, I couldn’t find the kind of plus size clothes that I really wanted, which lead me to realize there was a shortage of trendy plus size clothing in the market,” said Jasdeep Katari, Director of Jazz & Co. 

With this brand, the founder is fulfil his passion to bridge this fashion gap in Malaysia by providing trendy and fashionable attires to the plus size community.


Accepting your own body
There’s a popular saying that goes “It’s not about the size you are wearing, it’s about how you wear your size”.

With the awakening of the body positivity movement and growing appreciation for curvy features, this quote is ever more relevant to embody Jazz & Co’s latest exclusive fashion preview which featured their newly-launched plus size collections.

Ranging from stylish tops and bottoms to fashionable overclothes for both men and women, the first collection featured about 24 sets of casual wear look that were professionally styled to achieve the brand’s easygoing comfortability while also allowing wearers to look trendy.

The second collection showcased during the exclusive fashion preview featured office wear and evening look garments.

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