A Lady Is Conquering Bukit Manda'rina She Goes By Riana

Located at the last piece of land at Bukit Manda'rina, there's an incredible gem of a residence in the growing town of Cheras waiting for you to give it a new life.

The name is Riana South by IJM Land and here’s why you should grab your chance and move in before it’s too late. 

1. Become the cool one among your friends
Living at Riana South means that you’re living at an elevated area which usually fogs up at night and early morning, giving that cool and fresh vibe while also adding points to the mysterious factor, like a cool apartment up on the foggy hills.

It’s also hard to imagine how luxuriously designed the development is until you’ve seen it with your own eyes. Add that to the spectacular city skyline view from your living room, your residence will soon be the top hangout choice among your friends and family!


2. You’ll learn to love nature more
Nowadays, it’s all about going green and living healthy. Even if you’re not really into those, living at Riana South will give you a very positive persona, and people are attracted to that!

Because it is just next to the majestic Sungai Besi Forest Reserve, the Riana South condominium towers along the slopes and integrates with the surroundings as if one with nature. Sounds cool right? Wait till you see it yourself.

Also known for its goal to be sustainable, the towers are apparently designed like the habitats found in natural surroundings. This is to remind residents that there are eco-friendly facilities that help them live a happy and healthy life.


3. Worry less during emergencies
Yes, the residence is peaceful, quiet and surrounded by mother nature. But fear not! Because it’s not located in the middle of nowhere.

Just the opposite, actually. It’s literally a driving distance to everything you never thought you needed like shopping malls, eateries, clinics and everything else. It’s also in close proximity to other major hotspots, cities and great access to highways.

If you’re studying in UCSI University, or know someone who do, this place spells p-e-r-f-e-c-t because you could just walk over! This surely makes submitting assignments on deadlines much less stressful.

Don’t have a car? No problem! Just head over to the nearby Cheras Sentral MRT station. The famous TBS integrated hub is close by too, and it can basically take you everywhere.


4. Live like a boss
With premium development comes excellent amenities. Some of the facilities found in Riana South are hardly seen in other residence like the futsal court and basketball court. So if you’re a sports buff, you can stop visiting public sports complexes and just play at your place.

The Olympic-sized pool is also pretty amazing, we must say. With all necessities provided, you can surely live happily ever after like a boss.

Sounds like you could fit in just right? Log on to for more information!

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