Crisis Management: The Essentials

These might not get you through a zombie apocalypse, but they are pretty handy during this Covid-19 pandemic.

After the recent announcement by the Malaysian government unveiling its additional RM 10 billion under the Prihatin Rakyat Economic Stimulus Package (PRIHATIN) to soften the impact faced by small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) due to the movement control order.

With this additional financial aid being announced, SMEs will be able to benefit through the wage subsidies, abolishment of interest rates for the Micro Credit Scheme and so on. 

But the real question is, can we really only depend on the government to ensure the survival of our businesses? How and what do we need to survive this crisis?

These are 2 important things that play a vital role in ensuring we counter the storm: PUBLIC RELATIONS and PERSONAL BRANDING.

When SMEs are forced to close down physical offices and stores to move online, having a strong personal brand and good relationship with the public is perhaps the most important weapon in your arsenal. Public relations and personal branding focuses on your fundamentals, strengths and addressing the needs of the people. Here’s how it works:


1. Knowing that your business is alive and kicking!

With no physical store or face to face meet ups, how would the public know of your existence? Shout out your brand loud and proud! You would be able to create more leads and attract new clients only when you have a strong online presence where people can get more information about your products or services.


2. Authenticity 

I cannot stress this enough! Public relations and personal branding is not about talking about how good you are (that would be self-promotion and advertising). Instead, build trust and credibility with your audience through creative online contents. Having a brand that people trust is way more important than hard-selling products, don’t you think?

P.s. you wouldn’t want people to think that your business is a scam, so authenticity is super duper important!


3. Consistency

When was the last time you updated your social media platforms? Have you even started your social media platform? Just like how you would open your store or office on business days, consistently being online is now your business. Being consistent doesn’t just mean to put out content, it means to find out what the people want and create relevant content that attracts them. There is no point in just hard-selling all your products and services, the people do not like information forced down their throats.


4. Standing out in a crowd

What makes your brand stand out from the rest?  Increasing your online presence is extremely crucial as you will be competing with so many service providers or brands. With a strong personal brand, your brand will be seen as more trustworthy, authentic and a thought-leader in the industry..

Still unconvinced? Here are 2 examples of strong personal branding and online presence:


1. Jordan Yeoh

A fitness celebrity and certified trainer, Jordan posts workout related contents daily and never fails to come up with fresh ideas to keep his followers engaged and attracted to his page (and physique).



2. SAW Ann Ping

You’ll be wondering what is so interesting about this HR, trainer cum recruiter. Ann Ping has earned herself a reputation through her personal writing style that is filled with humour and sarcasm, much to her reader’s delight.



Take a closer look. Both of them have all made it a point to be consistent in their postings and stay true to their own personal brand, and that is what keeps their businesses thriving and leaving their audience wanting more.

Are you ready to face this crisis now?

Instead of complaining about the current situation that we’re in, let us seize this opportunity to embrace the online world fully, starting with good public relations and personal branding.

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