Youth-terprises For Your Ultimate Interior Decor Needs

More freshness and personal touches from a youth’s handicraft

Art is the essence of life and one instance of art is the creation of items that can go into the interior design of our homes. As time passes by, we see more youths start to appreciate art and create it for themselves with the goal of giving back to the community in mind; spreading satisfaction and fulfillment.

We have discovered these enterprises from youths that create homewares and furnitures that can spruce up the inside of your home!

1. UMMURAMICS, Singapore

Image via Eat & Sip / Cups from Ummuramics

Founded and established by an art student, UMMURAMICS is a brand that creates handmade ceramics-ware for your dining experiences alongside ceramic pieces such as vases. It’s wonky designs are perfect for those who prefer having eccentric statement pieces in their home. But, not all of its designs are extravagant. They do have simpler dinnerware such as the Normie Mugs Collection (obviously). The brand is based in Singapore and was founded in 2015 by then art student, Ummu who is now a part-time teacher as she wants to focus on her ceramic craft.

2. Jarijungle, Kuala Lumpur

Image via Jarijungle / Jarijungle terrariums

Who doesn’t love a bit of greenery in their house? If you do, then Jarijungle can offer a mini nature of your own to be placed as your interior’s decoration (or gift it to someone!). Jarijungle specialises in terrariums--which are technically tiny indoor gardens that you can place on your desk and look at when you are feeling strained. Each material used in the terrarium are of high quality; naturally preserved moss, Japanese bonsai and quality figurines from Germany. And hey, you can customise your own little garden too with this Kuala Lumpur based enterprise!

3. Concrete Dezign, Kuala Lumpur

Image via Options / Planters from Concrete Dezign 

Each piece by Concrete Dezign is handcrafted which makes it special as it has that personal touch with every creation. With the optimisation of geometry in its design, Concrete Dezign’s products promote the rawness of using such a simple material like concrete yet every piece still exudes elegance and modernism; perfect for contemporary homes and even offices. Beside planters, the founder of Concrete Dezign, Harley Danker also handcrafts a wider range of other related essentials for modern home and office decor.

4. UNDRART, Malaysia based

Image via UNDRART / Coasters from UNDRART

We have seen greenery, wonky ceramicware and even contemporary concrete pieces--now it’s time for the sea! UNDRART’s (pronounced “underart”) handiworks are heavily inspired by the sea, as you can see. Elaine, the founder of UNDRART, believes that handcrafted works, despite the time it takes to make them, are unique in their own way for no two pieces are ever the same. 

UNDRART heavily focuses on the creation of homewares--wall art, clock, coasters, tray which can fit any room in the house due to its mix of contemporariness and minimalism. However, UNDRART also crafts earrings and phone accessories.

5. FLATPAK, Johor Bahru

Image via FindGlocal / PEGGY Shelf by Flatpak

You can probably guess what this next enterprise focuses on! Yep, it’s wooden furniture! FLATPAK specialises in furniture-making; shelves, desks, wall dividers and even decor-panels. Each design is so simplistic yet practical for the consumers and are fit for those who have a minimalist interior design concept in their homes. For those who feel at peace with an organised and clean work or living space, then FLATPAK is a great option for you to look into for your interior design choices. Oh yes, we have saved the best for last--you can customise your furniture with this brand!

Either way, we are ecstatic to see more youthpreneurship expand in the interior designing business!

Do you have any interior design item brands that you favour? Let us get to know them at

Cover image via Concrete Dezign / Paisaje Tray

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