4 Steps To Owning Your Dream Home

Myra offers personalized guidance for first time homebuyers to navigate the world of complicated homeownership

Buying a home for the first time can be a leg-shaking, nail-biting experience, especially after signing on a property with an eye-popping price tag and the long term monthly commitment to be fulfilled. 

In considering all these woes, pioneering developer Myra understands that homes are often the most prized possession for many people. Hence, with a mission to paint a brighter outlook on the home buying journey for first-time homebuyers, the team vows to be the disruptor in a world of complicated ownership by providing a well-informed and smooth home buying experience.

Myra aims to provide 20,000 Malaysian families with a home and to touch further the lives of 100,000 more fellow Malaysians by 2028.


So, if you are still fairly new to the property-buying scene, fret not as the young-spirited and supportive team at Myra will help thoroughly prepare you by delving into your experience and motivations to buying a house. 

This is of course aided by Myra’s tried-and-true 4-step plan which is developed to help first-time homebuyers navigate the world of complicated homeownership:


Step One: I’ll Tell You Everything

Myra takes an in-depth look at the buyers’ current lifestyle, their requirements and even underlying motivations in their desires to own a home. Some basic questions that Myra covers are the neighbourhood of choice, the most coveted home features and above all else, the hard numbers that one can afford.


Step Two: How To Woo The Banks

Myra helps buyers get their pennies and documents sorted before they fall in love with that desirable double-storey so that nobody ends up disappointed with a loan rejection. The team guides them through the loan application process one step at a time, ensuring greater success with bank approval.  


Step Three: Legal Things and the Wait

Got the loan approval? Myra steps in before the cheering begins with more advice on the hidden costs of a home. Beyond the huge down payment, buyers must also look out for entry costs such as legal fees, stamp duties, valuations and differential sums. Myra then sends regular updates and notifications on the home building progress during the breath-holding two-year wait.


Step Four: The Day You Get Your Home

Finally, the buyers are just one step away from receiving the highly-anticipated key to their home sweet home! Myra raises awareness on the importance of getting the new home certified as completed in compliance to requirements. After move-in day, Myra goes the extra mile by celebrating every significant moment of the brand new homeowners’ life, from memorable birthdays to their Myra House-anniversaries.    

The living room design in a Myra Alam unit. Currently, Myra has four townships under their belt with two upcoming ones.


Join the Myra community, be a happy family.

Join the Myra community, be a happy family.


Just bear in mind that your relationship with Myra doesn’t end at the handover, as they are devoted to foster community bonding and cultivate lifelong friendships within their developments. In the end, what makes Myra homes exceptional, are the families who bring life into them.

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