This Could Be Your Next Home!

With the amenities and facilities? You’ll definitely love it.

Living in Kuala Lumpur, we all want to experience a place we can relax surrounded by greenery with a peaceful yet vibrant community after facing a week’s worth of hustle and bustle. 

And award-winning developer, ParkCity Group has moulded just that for you!

Known to be an esteemed township where luxury and convenience come as one, Desa ParkCity was just a mere barren quarry that developers neglected almost two decades ago. But, ParkCity Group saw the potential of the granite-filled land and decided to turn it into a township that upholds 5 pillars that contribute to its succession today, making it a most renowned township - family, community, convenience, neighbourhood and connectivity.

1. From nothing to something… and something desirable

Aerial view of Desa ParkCity

As mentioned above, Desa ParkCity was not always the lush and modern township you know today. Before there was Desa ParkCity, there was barren land and granite. According to ParkCity Group, developing Desa ParkCity was challenging due to the poor soil condition and the presence of granite.

But with determination comes success, Desa ParkCity has become one the most renowned townships in Kuala Lumpur. To add the cherry on top, the township’s location is undeniably strategic. Located between Petaling Jaya and Mont Kiara, Desa ParkCity is only 15km away from the city of Kuala Lumpur.

2. An environment to live for

Morning view at The Central Park

Weekends can be dull just spent inside from day to night on the couch, surfing Netflix and other social media. But, it doesn’t have to be! Go out and get your fresh dose of serotonin from the cute dogs on walks in Desa ParkCity’s pet-friendly and (phenomenally) green Central Park at any time of day.

But, if you’re not really an animal person and are more drawn towards spending time with your family, of course the Park can cater to your wants and needs as the park has a frenzy of activities that are suitable for family members of all ages. Oh, did I mention the children’s playground is also child-proof? So, parents won’t need to be paranoid over any major accidents!

Streetscape and jogging path at The Central Park

Central Park also has wide jogging paths that are tree-lined so you are shaded from the scorching sun and a lake as huge as 40 football fields to cleanse you spiritually and emotionally after a build-up of a whole week’s stress. 

Morning view at The Central Park

3. A community like family

Entrance to The ParkCity Club

Remember your annual resolution that you would work out more this year… no, next year… definitely, the next next year… but none of it ever worked out? (Yes, pun intended!) A common reason might be because working out at home just doesn’t feel the same as working out at the gym where you can ogle at other people’s muscles and get inspired (...or jealous) but you’re too lazy to drive to the gym in town, so you end up opting for a bag of chips and watching workout videos in hopes it will tone your body.

The township’s clubhouse, The ParkCity Club is built with a wide array of first-class facilities for you to break a sweat and get that summer body you’ve always wanted! Best of all, you can also meet the Desa ParkCity community and make friends. 

As one would expect, The ParkCity Club also offers facilities that cater to a sports enthusiast’s active personality such as the synthetic grass tennis court and multi-purpose hall inclusive of badminton courts. Oh, you won’t need to worry about finding a friend to play badminton with as the community is always looking forward to meeting new people.

But, not everyone is keen on active sports. Hence, the multifunctional dance studios for the ones with too much rhythm in their souls. Even aerobic and yoga classes are available for the ones that want to stay healthy in a more relaxed yet vibrant environment, inclusive of a community that shares the same interests. After all, everything's better with a company, especially when it comes to being active.

The Olympic-length swimming pool

The best thing is by the end of a sweaty and productive workout, you can cool down at the Olympic-length swimming pool. Have a dip, unwind and relax!

4. Convenience at a stone’s throw away

Front view of The Waterfront

A mistake homebuyers usually make when seeking for a home is not surveying the convenience within their potential home. Like what you see? The pipes are functioning? The house is not crooked? Done deal! And proceed to regret it every time you have to drive a long way for your basic necessities, especially when there are emergency cases.

Being the most desirable township there is, Desa ParkCity is of course complete with every amenity that can cater to your needs with the iconic retail entertainment center, The Waterfront. Being pet-friendly, every once in a while, a pet bazaar is held featuring everything your furkids may need; health supplements, treats and maybe… a new collar to make them feel more glamorous?

Entrance of Plaza Arkadia

The vibrant ambience in Plaza Arkadia

But, that’s not at all! There’s also the British-colonial architecture building, Plaza Arkadia that holds SOHOs, coffee bars and even supermarkets. In simpler terms, you needn’t look too far for your basic necessities.

The International School @ ParkCity

The International School @ ParkCity

While speaking of a township that provides easy access and short distances to life’s necessities, Desa ParkCity residents can enrol their children at The International School @ ParkCity if they choose to. God bless for the lack of traffic in sending off and picking up your kids from school! The school caters to pupils from the age of 3-18, offering both primary and secondary education.

And lastly! Residents won’t need to worry about medical emergencies either as Desa ParkCity also has its own medical center, ParkCity Medical Centre, which is a part of the Ramsay Sime Darby Healthcare, for reliable medical services or emergency-care. Thus, you needn’t panic so much about emergencies that require medical attention as the hospital is literally there for you. 

5. Phenomenal township design

Westside 3

Known for cultivating a model township, ParkCity Group’s initiative to develop a lively neighbourhood provides seamless opportunities to bond and enjoy moments of togetherness between you and the community.

A happy family living in Desa ParkCity

Much like the diversity within the township, ParkCity Group has also moulded the vibrance within Desa ParkCity with different home types; from parkhomes to apartments, condominiums to bungalow lots, parkfront condos, semi-detached homes and even garden condos and regal park homes. Honestly, no one needs to worry about living in this township as Desa ParkCity will make you fall in love with all of its goodness.


More to come!

If you think Desa ParkCity is amazing in itself, wait until you find out about Park Place that will be launched in Q3 of 2020! 

Park Place’s co-working space

Standing at 53 storeys high with a total of 537 units, Park Place is not just limited to a home. ParkCity Group aims to incorporate a fresh concept that includes a public working space for each home without infringing on one’s home privacy to introduce a more conducive stay-at-home experience, especially in these post-MCO times. Thus, high speed internet, gated and guarded security, good ventilation and lush areas with the added natural lighting is provided for the comfort of the residents.

Park Place’s ground floor view’s gym and pool area

With more people working remotely from home, Park Place aims to offer a balanced and holistic lifestyle by incorporating working, social and private spaces to the homes. 

According to Datuk Joseph Lau, the CEO of ParkCity Group, as long as they follow closely to the developer’s 5-pillar philosophy, ParkCity Group will continue to provide developments that can uplift the lives of their homebuyers and help them embrace the new normal.

For more information on Desa ParkCity, you can visit: or to know more about Parkplace, click here: 

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