Top 5 Up And Coming Entrepreneurs You Should Look Out For

If you want to succeed, you have to go beyond the skies!

Entrepreneurs are not just people dabbling in business; spending day in and day out focusing on the figures. Entrepreneurs are those who also innovate; going beyond what is ordinary to be the top leaders in the world, while also making their consumers their priority. 

However, some entrepreneurs have the greatest business but not the limelight they deserve. Voilà, here we bring you the up and coming entrepreneurs in the nation that should be paid attention to!

1. Arron

Founder, Barn & Jones

Scented candles have always been a method for relaxation, and especially during the first phase of MCO when agitation and anxiety levels were high, Arron decided to start his candle-making journey and founded Barn & Jones. Barn & Jones’s candles will have you be reminded of “travel, memories and everything worth living for”, according to its website; which is really helpful considering traveling is a no-go with the current pandemic. Arron believes in quality over quantity, thus the candles are all handmade in small batches with only the finest, sustainable materials such as 100% natural soy wax. Don’t we just love an eco-friendly business founder?

2. Wany Zabry

Founder, Kayuwoods

Wany Zabry is best known for being creative and innovative, this Kuantan resident has a number of businesses all of which she DIY’s herself! Wany’s name was built when she DIY’d her wedding decorations out of pallet boards in 2016, creating a minimalist yet elegant concept. From then onwards, Wany has dabbled in the DIY decorating business; from picnics to weddings with the name of Kayuwoods. Fast forward to today, Wany now has two other businesses; a trendy cafe in the city of Kuantan, LENA Cafe and a dowry decorating service!

3. Jiha & Anne

Anne (left) and Jiha (right)

Founders, Tas Kaca

There is nothing more heartwarming than sisterly love. Tas Kaca started out as a hobby the sisters had gotten involved with to find and learn ways to make florals wearable, the business was also a means for the sisters to fund themselves and Anne’s study fees. Their products are made with epoxy resin and their first product was a handbag (hence, the name Tas Kaca), made from resin when resin wasn’t even popular in Malaysia yet! Only 9 months into the business, they have already started shipping internationally to Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei and Australia. These sisters will truly be inspirations to younger girls aspiring to become entrepreneurs. 

4. Huen Su San

Founder, Cookhouse

This 36-year-old entrepreneur has established the first coworking kitchen in Malaysia, Cookhouse. The space aims to cater to a wide range of businesses from startups to established F&B brands. Surprisingly, Su San started out in business in the construction industry before diving into the F&B and events worlds. Due to this, every Korean cuisine outlet owned by Su San is personally renovated and fit-out by Su San herself. Being goal-oriented, Su San truly makes the most of the 24 hours she gets everyday by hustling. Truly a driven entrepreneur.

5. Fazila Said

Founder, Perky Preen and Co.

According to Fazila, or best known as Faz, she is a “jane-of-all-trades and a very shy person”. Of course, being a one-woman-show brand, Faz faces a lot of challenges along the way with Perky Preen and Co.—a planner production brand—but she has taken the challenge of handling the brand herself and turned it into a motivation. Amazed, we applaud this young woman for her hard work as the brand has been handled by Faz alone; from designing, production and even liaising with vendors. From a stationery company founded in 2014, Perky Preen draws inspiration from its products from the people around it and has pretty big ideas on where their direction will be headed to in the next 10 years.

Anyone can do it!

Being an entrepreneur, you are bound to face hardships; your journey will be a rollercoaster but with dedication, commitment and hard work, hey, everyone can make it! Well, according to Jack Ma, “In carrying out e-commerce, the most important thing is to keep doing what you are doing right now with passion, to keep it up.” So aspiring entrepreneurs, keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll be able to reach the stars before you know it!

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Cover image via Marvin Meyer / Unsplash

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