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3 Intriguing Documentary YouTube Channels to Watch

MCO 3.0 is here which means binge-watching is back!

Netflix and chill? Not anymore, you finished everything they have. TV? The same old stuff with the same boring formula; YouTube? You need to pay for the good stuff or, do you? 

Over the years there’s been a rise in new content creators who managed to break through the mold with their out-of-the-box ideas. 

In this article, we’re going to explore some of the most creative and engaging documentary channels which offer content that you can’t easily find on Netflix or good-old boring TV.

1/ Vice

Image from Vice 

The kings of underground documentaries on YouTube and possibly the internet?

Vice is not your ordinary YouTube channel. They have an organized crew that is spread across the globe which covers various angles from the life of crime, protests, wars, and "taboo stuff"? 

Image from VICE News via YouTube: Fighting the Islamic State with Iraq’s Golden Division: The Road to Fallujah

Their content is so controversial that it makes other documentary channels look tame in contrast. With documentaries that are shot during a battle in the Middle East where you’ll see lots of violent stuff that your typical network wouldn’t air, to documentaries where they interview drug dealers, criminals, and terrorists, face to face in their hiding spots, Vice certainly deserves some recognition.

They’re committed to publishing tons of videos throughout the year, some of which will make you grateful you live in your part of the world.

With Vice, you’ll never run out of wild content anytime soon.

2/ DW Documentary 

Image from DW Documentary

Deutsche Welle or DW is a German multinational TV network that creates highly educational documentaries which revolve around a variety of topics.

DW Documentary is for those who are looking for reliable, well-presented topics that revolve around contemporary issues, scientific discoveries, education, and from time to time, they upload historical documentaries.

Image from DW Documentary via YouTube: Global Homophobia -the roots of hatred

In one of their recent uploads, “Global homophobia – the roots of hatred” they highlight issues that European homosexuals have to go through where they showcase the daily struggles of some individuals from different backgrounds.

They dive deep into mainstream issues that everyone should be educated on. They take an all-around approach to their topics which widens your perspective and opens your mind to things that you might not have thought of before.

If you’re not into the “extreme” stuff but you’re still looking for something of decent quality, then DW Documentary is definitely an excellent destination. 

3/ Barely Sociable

Image from Barely Sociable

This one is for those who like investigation-style documentaries. 

Barely Sociable is one of those channels that’ll take you down the rabbit hole of the internet where messages, forums, websites that are linked to real-life crimes and incidents are deeply analyzed and presented to you in a captivating-mysterious way. 

While the videos lack the stimulating visuals of a typical documentary, they are crafted with unexpected turns and twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat. 

Image from Barely Sociable via YouTube: The Dark Side Of The Silk Road

Barely Sociable’s content revolves around stories that you probably never heard of such as the reason which led to the arrest of the founder of the silk road website. 

If you know of any other high-quality YouTube channels, share them with us at


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