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Are you tired of people teasing you for snoring?

The solution lies in your lifestyle choice!

“You are pretty but at night you sound like a buzzsaw!”

Tired of getting taunts like this from your partner or roommate due to you snoring in your sleep?

Apart from hurting your self-esteem, snoring is not only unpleasant and disruptive to others around you but it is also a type of breathing that is sleep-disordered and interferes with safe, healthy, restorative sleep.

What causes snoring?

It's important to understand the triggers behind your snoring because people snore for various reasons.You will find the best options for a quieter, deeper sleep for both you and your partner when you understand why you snore.

The throat and mouth muscles relax during sleep. This relaxation severely limits the trachea, the "windpipe" that brings air to and from the lungs, which, as you breathe, reduces airflow. The tissues of the soft palate and the uvula shake and vibrate inside the narrow airway. This sound induces snoring noises.

How to prevent snoring?

A snoring condition can be handled in many ways. There are improvements in your lifestyle that you can make which will help minimize your snoring:

Changing sleeping positions

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At times snoring is considered a positional phenomenon and is dependent on your position of going to bed. Sleeping on your side, opposed to sleeping on your back, will decrease the frequency and severity of snoring.

Elevate your bed

Elevate your bed's head by about four inches. This posture will make it easier to breathe as it will drive your tongue and jaw forward. In order to elevate your bed, it is easier to raise the entire head of the bed with an external mattress than to use multiple pillows, since pillows will crimp the ear, which can potentially lead to snoring.

Clear your sinuses from allergyasthmanetwork

When your sinuses are congested it is harder for you to get air in and out through your nose and as a result your tissue vibrates more causing your snoring to become louder. Therefore taking medication to clear up your sinuses can help you take control of your snoring problem. Go check up with your local doctor or to apply home remedies take a look at this video.

Using nasal strips from allure

Nasal strips that are also known as external nasal dilators, are a kind of rigid band-aid, made of adhesive tape and rough plastic splints. When you put one over the bridge of your nose, it works as a spring to expand your nostrils slightly so that they do not collapse during inhalation, thereby increasing the flow of air and controlling your snoring.

Stop heavy meals prior to bedtime from the Palm

Everyone loves a midnight snack but consuming heavy meals right before you sleep can increase your chances of snoring as the digestive process also relaxes the muscles of the throat and tongue. If you need to eat, avoid rich dairy products, such as cream, butter and cheese before you sleep.

Install a humidifier from The spruce

If you are sleeping with an air conditioning on, it can sometimes cause your throat and mouth to become dry which results in increasing your snoring. Sometimes, dry air is packed with dust-like allergens.The moisture created by the humidifier prevents allergens bound to the ground or other surfaces when you use a humidifier to assist with snoring, stopping them from reaching you.

With adapting to these simple changes in your lifestyle, you can finally sleep in peace.

After a good night's sleep you’ll be able to wake up feeling fresh and ready to take on the challenges of your day. Sounds like really less work for a lot of benefits!

We might have missed out some good remedies which could prevent snoring, if you have any, please drop us an email at to let us know.

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