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4 Local Brands You Should Try Today

Sodas? That’s so 2006. The new hype is now Kombucha and you know what they say? “In a world full of soda, be a Kombucha”.

Previously only found in hipster cafes, the newly popular drink is starting to hit the shelves of our local supermarkets and is now one of the go-to drinks of most health enthusiasts.

With all the talks about living a healthier lifestyle and the rise of its fame, we have also noticed a bloom in the production of locally made kombucha as well as its consumption. And although it is not something new, its recent rise in popularity in Malaysia is notable.

Now, kombucha may not be as tasty as your sugar-packed brown sugar bubble tea, but the nutritional values are far more attractive. Hence, we dare to say that this drink will soon replace any other heavily sweetened and coloured drinks that may be jeopardizing your health.

Make your own Kombucha

We understand that store-bought Kombucha is not cheap and to keep up with the latest fermented foods or drinks trends can come at a hefty price. And in this economy, do we really want to spend RM15-RM20 on a bottle of drinks? No way, José!

So allow us to guide you on how you can make your own Kombucha for a fraction of the cost of commercial brands with easy homemade kombucha instructions.

The process of making one is simple and it is typically produced in two stages: the first fermentation (1F) and the second fermentation (2F). While it is drinkable after the 1F, the 2F is where we can experiment with flavor combinations and achieve the effervescence that this drink is known for.

To start off, Kombucha is made from either green or black tea and is made by steeping tea in hot water with sugar. When the sweetened tea has cooled, a small amount of white vinegar or leftover Kombucha is added. Once that’s done, the SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) is added, and the mixture should be put aside to ferment for 7-30 days.

If it’s done right, your final product should be a fizzy, pungent drink brimming with probiotics, amino acids, and antioxidants.

Think you’re more of a visual learner and want to watch a quick video on how to make your homemade Kombucha? Watch the video below.

#SupportLokal and get your brew here

Sure, making your own Kombucha may be rewarding but not everyone has the luxury of time and with trying to achieve so much in life, some of us do not have the patience to wait 7-30 days for the process of fermentation to be done. Hence we’ve identified 4 local brewers that you can support today.

1/ CHACHA Kombucha

Image source CHA CHA Kombucha

From a local brewery based in Damansara Perdana, this product of vegan chef Matthieu Morisset and fitness trainer Ishaq Vadillo swears by the power of natural fruit juices in adding flavor to their fizzy, sweet, and sour booch. If you’re attracted by the colorful bottles or would like to CHA CHA your way towards a healthier lifestyle, head on to Village Grocer, Rawsome, Rage, Sala, Jaya Grocer, and Ben's Independent Grocer or purchase online and get 10% off on your first purchase with the code BOOCHY10.

2/  K Kombucha

Image source K Kombucha

Proudly brewed in sunny Kuala Lumpur, K Kombucha is the product of a superwoman who is also a cancer fighter. K Kombucha is the brainchild of Beth and it reflects the founder’s journey on recovering from cancer during her pregnancy. Started off as a creative outlet that was also a form of therapy for her, Beth’s burning desire of sharing her love for a drink that has helped her towards her recovery has grown beyond just the four walls of her home. Today, K Kombucha can be found at Coffeeboyclub13thirtysevenmy, or purchase online.

3/ Wild Kombucha


Image source Wild Kombucha

Everyone’s stories with how they fell in love with Kombucha vary from one another. As for the founder of Wild Kombucha, Jason Tan, the power of a good natural booch has helped with his battle with eczema. Gifted a SCOBY from his brother, Jason started making small batches of freshly brewed Kombucha for his self-indulgence before turning it into one full-blown business. Today, Wild Kombucha has grown and they now serve flavors ranges from White Tea, Peach Blossoms, Lavender Lemonade, Chrysanthemum Goji, Blueberry Acai, Black Tea, and Apple Aid. If this is your calling to try a Kombucha today, purchase online or visit their retailers here.

4/ Zenboocha

Image source Zenboocha 

Love a good time but don’t want to jeopardize your health? Zenboocha is the one for you as the brand presents itself as the “Kombucha that knows how to have fun”. Founded in 2019, Zenboocha prides itself for being unapologetically flavourful and almost annoyingly guilt-free. The brand is committed to using only the finest of only natural ingredients just to make their customers feel good from the inside out. Currently, this new homemade kombucha brand has four interesting flavors to choose from - Ginger Honey, Lychee Rose, Figgin’ Dreamy, and Passion Potion. Get your hands on one before they run out of stock!

There you have it, the list of Kombucha local brewers and the how-to of making homemade Kombucha. Find us on InstagramFacebook, or Twitter, and let us know what your favorite Kombucha flavor is.

If you have a brand that’s not listed here and you think we should try, send us an email at

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