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XALF SHOES: Bling Empire Inspo

XALF has done it again: Onboard the trend express straight to Bling Empire.

Have you binged on Netflix’s Bling Empire yet lately? To quote Christine, “I feel crazy attracts crazy”, we are definitely head over heels for this new reality show filled with lux, glitters and glam.

The Bling Empire features a group of affluent friends living their best lives in Los Angeles. If you have not been living under a rock, you would have probably heard of or even seen the hit rom-com Crazy Rich Asian. Both shows portrayed characters living in a lavish world, however, as for the casts of The Bling Empire are more than just on-screen, fictional characters. You will be transported to their world and get to intimately experience their lives at the comfort of your own sofa.

As the title speaks for itself, glitz, glamour and high couture fashion are the essence of the show. Strike it while the trend’s hot; XALF hopped on the trend express by customising one-of-a-kind shoes inspired by the casts of The Bling Empire.

Let’s take a peek at XALF’s creative process that surely will blow your socks off, or shall we say heels!

Anna Shay

Image source @annashay93

Meet Anna Shay, the queen of the show. Winning hearts with her feisty attitude. You will definitely know that she does not have any competition because the queen never competes. The queen will always reign supreme.

XALF’s shoes inspired by Anna Shay are definitely one of a kind.The 4 inches sleek black pump finished off with a side hole and gold buckle screams for attention; perfect for a queen.


Kim Lee

Image source:@kimlee

Kim Lee was once named 'the Sexiest Woman in the World' by Singapore men's magazine FHM in 2011.Not only that she is also known as one of the most popular DJs, the multi-hyphenate talent has captivated many hearts in this reality series.

Her shoe was definitely designed to flaunt her eccentric persona, a bronze 4 inches pointy boot detailed with a thunderous red lighting. Combining two sensual colors that further accentuates the curved body, oozing waves of confidence and sexuality.


Kane Lim

Image source:@kanelk_k

He is a big fashionista and winning our hearts with his saucy personality!We saw Kane Lim breaking stereotypes and speaking his mind without showing a hint of fear in the show.

This shoe piece inspired by Kane Lim had to bold, without a doubt. This statement piece, making its mark with a protruding zebra fur print, a favourite amongst confident and unconventional men who are ready to pounce at timely opportunities. That's where striking  Zebra prints came together with a classy black patent. Indeed a wild  pair of studded shoes, only for Kane Lim himself.


Christine Chiu

Image source @christine_chiu88

Me and my couture are leaving”, Christine Chiu.

Yes, girl! Only Christine has the attitude to make a statement as such. She's depicted as the  villain who competes for everything and anything with Queen Anna Shay, but if you take another look there is so much more to Christine Chiu. This business woman has had to go through a deep road of struggles for her achievements.

Viola, XALF’s shoe focusing Christine is turquoise blue and boasts inimitable feline charm. This blued suede open toe with mixed feather details really captures her star persona that was born to stand out!



Image source @cherieofficial

Is there anyone who was not in love with the sweet Cherie bombshell? Her portrayal  in the show is where sassy meets sweet!

A perfect pink for the fearless and fashionable. This piece provokes a dialogue with the precarious wooden platform on which it builds its foundation.Conceptually delicate and bold at the same time, it allows the chance to flourish in any social setting.


Kevin Kraider

Image source:@kevin.kreider

Kevin Kraider, the handsome hunk model that made us all go Hubba- Hubba! We all had to agree that he was the most minimal one out of lot thus the bespoke piece captures his convivial persona.

XALF has kept it seemingly stern yet graceful. For Kevin’s shoe, beauty lies in the simplicity embodied in the pair’s minimal leather body. Featuring a buckle adornment and brogueing, the wingtip Chelsea boot is made from oily pull-up leather in deep hunter green.It’s both versatile and functional dwelling perfectly with his personality.

There you go! XALF definitely set the bar high by designing shoes according to such captivating personas and yet again proving to it’s clients that XALF never disappoints.

To book an appointment with XALF for your own pair of bespoke shoes, call them at +6010 863 2887!

Cover Image source: @Netflix


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