Yay Or Nay: Downsizing

Size does matter and sometimes, smaller is better

While it is true that a bigger home can provide more space and comfort especially to bigger families, it can be pretty taxing to maintain and care for financially and physically. So, downsizing to a smaller home may seem more viable.

Here’s why downsizing may be a good choice!

Upsides of home downsizing

1. Save money from frivolous shopping

Admit it; having a bigger home means having more space. With more space, we tend to feel like we should fill up the space with furniture, houseplants or huge art pieces that will definitely cost a lot. Art is not cheap, fellas. But, with having less spaces to fill upon downsizing your home, you will get to save more from frivolously buying items that may be useless.

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2. Revel in the benefits of smaller living

While downsizing may not be anyone’s first choice, living in a smaller space does bring benefits of its own! For instance, if you were living in a two-storey house, you no longer have to spend energy climbing up the stairs every time you forgot something you needed. In a smaller home, everything is easily within reach. 

Additionally, you would not need to break your back trying to keep for the house. A bigger house will take more energy and time to clean up after. Imagine a big house in the city, it is quite doubtful that anyone would have enough time and energy after a hectic day to care for the spick-and-span of their homes. But, with a smaller home; less space to clean and tidy!

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3. More sustainable

A smaller home is more sustainable, believe it or not. If you enjoy having an air conditioner in every room, then yes, a smaller home will be more sustainable. There are only so many rooms you can leave your carbon footprints in. Apart from being environmentally friendly, a smaller home is definitely more pocket-friendly as you will spend less on bills. For instance, when you have a bigger space, you may require an air-conditioner with a higher horsepower and this will result in a boom in your electricity bill.

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4. Mental health boost

A big home may show your financial status clearly, but will it jive well with your psychology? Sometimes, a bigger home can be a cause for the feeling of loneliness especially when you are living by yourself. A home should always be a place where you feel secure and comfortable, but if you are feeling lonely most of the time, it is not doubtful that you will feel depressed and feel anxious from living in a big space alone. Negative thoughts will come racing to your mind, thus downsizing to a house with a size that fits you (or your family, together) will be the better choice. Push away the idea of a big house = high status. What matters is your comfort and security in your own home.

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But, when there are upsides. Of course there will be downsides to moving to a smaller home.

Downsides of home downsizing

1. Adapting to change is difficult

Change is never easy and it definitely is so when you are already comfortable living in a home where space is not a problem. Our home is our comfort zone, and moving houses means to move out of our comfort zones and get used to a new place. However, once comfortable in your new home, you will realise the many charms and benefits it actually possesses.

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2. Moving costs

Yes, living in a smaller home will be cost-friendly. But, the process of moving will still be costly albeit it being moving to a smaller house. If you are buying a home, there is the cost of downpayment to think of whilst for renters, it is the cost of a deposit. Either way, it will cost money. Additionally, you will also have to spend on moving trucks and technicians, if you are transferring electronic items such as air conditioning and wifi routers. But don’t worry, the process will be costly but the living itself won’t cost as much!

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3. Less space

Of course, this is a given. Moving to a smaller home will prove to be difficult, especially when you will have to let go of furniture and items that may not fit the space of your new home. Some items may hold sentimental value and some may be precious gifts, but if they take up space in your home, what else is there to do than let them go? On the bright side, you will have the chance to get new, space-savvy furniture. This will bring changes in your life, and change can be good and increase productivity.

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In conclusion…

Downsizing is a considerable option if you are looking to avoid financial problems in the long run. While all of us are required to stay at home in this CMCO, the space we get inside our homes matter more than ever. But, even with downsizing, you can still feel comfortable and live spaciously as long as there is the utilisation of proper space planning!

What do you think of downsizing your home? Would you consider it? Let us know at!

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